Design Process


Design Process

HGTV leaves a lot of steps of the design process on the cutting room floor. Designing great spaces takes more effort and a longer amount of time than any 30-minute television episode would have you believe.

My design process allows me to:

  • Create a cohesive design plan for you
  • Define exactly what you are paying for.
  • Provide you with updates on the process.
  • Ensure that you know what to expect.




In this phase, we meet and I ask you a lot of questions.

I believe it is important to engage all of the decision makers right from the start. We get to know each other and define the project. Not only will we review project-specific details, but we’ll also discuss your style and design elements that you particularly like or dislike. Having a budget in mind is extremely important and should be determined at this time.

During this phase, I will provide as much design information as possible. However, I like to reflect and soak it all in before developing a final plan that is uniquely yours.

The initial consultation fee is $200.00. and typically lasts around 2 hours. This fee establishes our commitment to move forward with the project.




Next, I’ll go back to my studio and develop a proposal which outlines exactly what I will be doing for you. This proposal identifies the specific details of our initial consultation and further defines my role in the design process. This keeps us on the same page.

The proposal will identify a payment plan and provide you with expectations.

Upon presentation of this proposal, you can still say “Thanks, but, no thanks…”But, I’m confident you’ll say, “Looks great! Rebecca, when can you start?!”




Once the proposal is agreed upon, I will come back and take measurements and photos to clarify the space and existing pieces.




Now the fun begins…

In this phase, I focus on developing a design which incorporate space planning, furniture layouts, material and finish selections, furniture styles, and color palettes .

During the Design Development Phase, we will schedule a time to meet where I can present design options to you. Decisions and revisions can still be made at this point.

This phase may take a couple of weeks depending on the size of the project.




Once the design concept is complete, we will begin working to assemble specifications, schedules, and orders which provide clear instructions to your architect and builder.

I will then present you with additional materials to support our schemes through presentations that include hand sketches, renderings, and computer-generated floor plans.




The not-so-fun, but still important and exciting, part…

If you have chosen to have me place your orders, I will order and track them for you.

I try to only present you with items that are readily available; however, sometimes products are backordered or discontinued. I will reselect and present new options to you if this is the case.

My warehouse will receive all product and inspect the products received for perfection. We will handle any damaged goods…sadly it happens, and we will get replacements taken care of in an efficient manner.

This may take 2-3 months depending on the items that have been ordered.




Yay! The time has come!!!

During installation, I oversee the placement of rugs, furniture, window treatments, art, and accessories. My involvement continues even after the installation as we always work to accommodate our clients and their families ongoing needs. This phase is best completed in one day, if at all possible.

Now…sit back and enjoy that new space while you imagine working together on our next project.